Datasets and Tools for EV-related Studies

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This post summarizes a collection of datasets for electric vehicle (EV) related datasets.

Charging Behaviors

Caltech ACN DataCaltechdetailed EV data: arrival, (user estimated) departure time, (actual) departure time, kWh, (estimated and actual) length of a session, efficiency 
PecanStreetPecanStreetmainly EV charging power data, many more than EV data, e.g., solar generation, HVAC useage, other appliances 
  • Winnipeg Duty Cycle, University of Winnipeg, GPS recording devices on a secondly basis in the city of Winnipeg, Canada. 76 vehicles, second-resolution, one year period

  • open charge map,

  • EV Population Datasets: Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) that are currently registered through Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL).

Driving Behaviors

Driving Cycle

  • [recent]
  • [Obsolete] New European Driving Cycle (1997), Dynamic Driving Cycle

  • national travel survey: L. Abramowski and A. Holmström, RES 2005–2006, the National Travel Survey, SIKA, Tech. Rep., Oct. 2007.
  • Battery
    • urban dynamometer driving schedule (UDDS)
    • New York city cycle (NYCC) test

Traffic Data

  • Caltrans Performance Measurement System (PeMS), C. Chen, K. Petty, A. Skabardonis, P. Varaiya, and Z. Jia, “Freeway performance measurement system: Mining loop detector data,” Transp. Res. Rec., J. Transp. Res. Board, vol. 1748, no. 1, pp. 96–102, 2001.
  • Houston TranSta: V. Briggs and K. Jasper, “Organizing for regional transportation operations: Houston TranStar,” Booz-Allen and Hamilton Inc., McLean, VA, USA, Tech. Rep. 00819613, 2001.
  • a real-world highway driving scenario is used for validation and is based on collected traffic flow data from the Mobile Century project [37]: [37]: J. C. Herrera, D. B. Work, R. Herring, X. J. Ban, Q. Jacobson, and A. M. Bayen, “Evaluation of traffic data obtained via GPS-enabled mobile phones: The Mobile Century field experiment,” Transp. Res. C, Emerg. Technol., vol. 18, no. 4, pp. 568–583, Aug. 2010.

Tools realted with Electric Vehicles

  • [Caltech ACN-Sim]

Modeling and Simulation

Good references:

  • Gao, David Wenzhong, Chris Mi, and Ali Emadi. 2007. “Modeling and Simulation of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles.” Proceedings of the IEEE 95 (4): 729–745.

  • Powertrain System Analysis Toolkit (PSAT)
  • ADvanced VehIcle SimulatOR (ADVISOR)
  • PSIM
  • Virtual Test Bed (VTB)
  • Electronic Throttle Controller (ETC)