Work in Progress

Upcoming Deadlines

  1. [Oct.31.2018] cc-SCUC DDL
  2. [Nov.12.2018] DDL for TPWRS paper
  3. [Nov.16.2018] DDL for TPWRS paper
  4. [Nov.19.2018] DDL for TPWRS paper
  5. [Dec.30.2018] submission to ARiCS
    • scenario approach
    • find support constraints

Case studies

  1. 3 bus, 1 gen, 1 wind, 2 loads, load profiles, wind profiles, no contingency
    • two snapshots
    • 1 generator, 1 dispatchable wind, 2 loads
    • decision variables: u[t], g[t]
    • plots showing
  2. u[1]~g[1] and u[2]~g[2], constraints within a snapshot
  3. g[1]~g[0] and g[2]~g[1]
    • deterministic constraints shown in black
    • colored constraints related with wind uncertainties, plot each constraints using YALMIP’s solution
    • color each wind scenarios, corresponding to colored constraints
    • upper bound #support ones –> #scenarios –> actual support ones
  4. 118-bus system (NREL)
  5. Larger system, with real-world data?
    • formulations of cc-ACOPF (SOCP for radial networks)

Nov.11 – Nov.18.2018

  • (Mon) Nov.12
    • think about the look-ahead dispatch (1.5h)
    • understand Dongchan’s method on power flow feasibility region (1h)
    • docs different representations of power flow equations (1h)
    • get tickets (BSO) (0.5h)
    • plot prior and posterior epsilon (1h)
    • collect and plot results of the 3-bus system (1h)
    • review TPS paper (1h)

References to be added

Chance-constrained Optimization



  • Sundar, Kaarthik, Harsha Nagarajan, Line Roald, Sidhant Misra, Russell Bent, and Daniel Bienstock. “Chance-Constrained Unit Commitment with N-1 Security and Wind Uncertainty.” IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems (2019).

cc planning


  • using nomencl package in LaTeX: